Music for Web Pages

From $5.95, it's so easy anyone can put royalty-free music on a web page.

Download Music for Web Page from $5.95

1 Audition
Roll-over the buttons to arrow_right.gif (834 bytes)arrow_right.gif (834 bytes)arrow_right.gif (834 bytes)
audition web page music.

2 Customize
Purchase and add real, royalty-free sound effects to your web page music.
Easy how-to guide.

3 Integrate
Embed your customized, royalty free music into your web page.
Follow the simple steps in - 'How to Add Music to a Web Page'.


We pioneered the provision of internet-ready music and sound to businesses. We sold customized, original music 'internet-ready' (highly compressed, back in the days of 56k modem connections); We embedded music into your web pages.

Web Designers
No longer is web page music restricted to Flash designers. We are now in the era of (almost) universal broadband. Download web page music, and follow helpful articles explaining how to encode music for a web page, how to customize web page music, and how best to put it on your web site(s). It's easy; it's high-quality; and best-of-all, from $5.95, it's low-cost.

web page music

Download Music for Web Page from $5.95

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